NFL Week 2 Predictions

An unfortunate 7-9 on my picks from last week. Like I said, that’s the beauty of football. You never know what can happen when you take the field. Clearly I don’t know anything. Hoping for a winning record for week 2 starting with a win from my Brownies?

Bengals @ Browns Sorry Joey B. I had to do it. Please don’t blow this Browns. And make your extra points. Bengals 14 Browns 17

Broncos @ Steelers Absolutely no part of me wants to pick the Steelers in the game, but the injuries are growing for the Broncos. Not looking good for them. Broncos 14 Steelers 28

Panthers @ Buccaneers Tom Brady is not losing the first 2 game on a new team. He simply won’t let that happen. Panthers 27 Buccaneers 31

49ers @ Jets The Jets just aren’t a good football team. 49ers 31 Jets 24

Jaguars @ Titans Minshew had a great start to the season, but the Titans are the all around better team in this matchup. Jaguars 14 Titans 21

Giants @ Bears I still don’t trust either of these quarterbacks, but I don’t see Mitch Trubisky starting the season 2-0. I also don’t want to hear Bears fans pretend like that really means something. Giants 21 Bears 17

Rams @ Eagles The Eagles had a rough week 1 loss. I think that will be a mental hurdle for them to get through in week 2, so I’m giving this one to the Rams. Rams 21 Eagles 14

Vikings @ Colts I really don’t have a logic behind this pick. Vikings 27 Colts 17

Lions @ Packers This game could end up being more competitive than most people expect, but I have to go with the safer pick on this one. Lions 21 Packers 27

Falcons @ Cowboys Not sure that I trust the Cowboys to pull out a win in this game; although I do think it will be a close one. Falcons 27 Cowboys 24

Bills @ Dolphins A part of me has always related to the Buffalo Bills and their fan base, and I’d like to see them prove to everyone that they are a legitimate franchise. Bills 24 Dolphins 14

Washington @ Cardinals I thought there was no way Washington won their week 1 game, but they proved me wrong. If they win in week 2, they should have to keep their name “Football Team” forever. Washington 20 Cardinals 31

Ravens @ Texans I kind of feel bad for the Texans being that their first 2 games are against the Ravens and Chiefs, but it is what it is. Unfortunately, I think they will go down 0-2 to start the season, but they should be able to put some W’s on the board after getting through these tough match-ups. Ravens 31 Texans 24

Chiefs @ Chargers The Chiefs are just too good. I may never be able to confidently pick any other team over them. Chiefs 34 Chargers 24

Patriots @ Seahawks This is one of the week 2 match-ups I’m most excited for. I love a great quarterback matchup between Cam Newton and Russell Wilson. Patriots 21 Seahawks 34

Saints @ Raiders The Saints looked polished as always in week 1. Although the Raiders started their season off with a win too, I don’t see them pulling one over the Saints. Saints 28 Raiders 21

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