NFL Week 3 Predictions

12 games picked right in Week 2! A solid step up from the Week 1 predictions starting off with a W from my Brownies. What a wonderful feeling it was to see the Browns put together multiple impressive drives, while using all the weapons that we have in our arsenal. As exciting as that was, we are on to the next one…

Dolphins @ Jaguars Gardner Minshew (still an awesome name) has had a decent start to the season. Dolphins 17 Jaguars 24

Washington @ Browns The Browns showed some promise in Week 2, while Washington showed some of their weaknesses. Browns 24 Washington 14

Raiders @ Patriots The Raiders really showed up against the Saints last week after a rough start to the game. I think they might surprise some people this season. Raiders 31 Patriots 28

49ers @ Giants Injuries plagued the 49ers last week after their game in MetLife, so I’m pretty sure they aren’t too excited about returning to that field. I think the 49ers will play timid, and without Jimmy G, I am shockingly giving this one to the Giants. Giants 17 49ers 14

Texans @ Steelers As much as I don’t want to admit it, the Steelers have come out of the gates strong this season. My deepest sympathies go out to the Texans after having to face the Chiefs, Ravens, and Steelers for the first 3 weeks of the season. Absolutely brutal. Texans 24 Steelers 31

Rams @ Bills I really don’t know if I trust the Bills 2-0 record as a true sign of their talent. I always have a soft spot for the Bills though. Bills 30 Rams 28

Titans @ Vikings The Titans squeezed out close wins in the first 2 weeks. Not really sure who the better team is here, but I think this game will still be close. Titans 21 Vikings 20

Bengals @ Eagles A game of losers (except for Joey B… still a winner). Bengals 24 Eagles 21

Bears @ Falcons The Bears’ time is up. Falcons 31 Bears 21

Panthers @ Chargers The Panthers suffered a tough injury with Christian McCaffrey now out. That coupled with the exciting showing from Charger’s new QB Justin Herbert makes me think the Charger will squeeze this one out. Panthers 17 Chargers 24

Jets @ Colts You really just can’t pick the Jets. Colts 31 Jets 17

Buccaneers @ Broncos The Broncos were another team who suffered a tough QB injury in week 2. TB12 should take care of this one. Buccaneers 27 Broncos 14

Lions @ Cardinals Kyler Murray has been a bright spot for the Cardinals to start the season. Cardinals 27 Lions 20

Cowboys @ Seahawks Two words. Russell Wilson. Cowboys 24 Seahawks 28

Packers @ Saints Another great matchup of veteran quarterbacks. We love to see it. After an explosive week for the Packers, specifically Aaron Jones (on my fantasy team yassss), I have to root for them. Packers 28 Saints 21

Chiefs @ Ravens The game of the week. The Chiefs showed moments of weakness last week in their win over the Chargers, so it will be interesting to see if they can turn that around. I’m not even sure if this is a controversial pick, but I’m taking the Ravens. Ravens 34 Chiefs 28

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