NFL Week 4 Predictions

Only 8 games right in Week 3, but how the hell am I supposed to pick a tie? Can’t really blame myself for that one. It’s still the dumbest rule in the NFL. As we move into week 4, one winner has already been declared and that is COVID. The Titans/Steelers game will be moved to another date due to a COVID outbreak.

Let’s get into the Week 4 predictions…

Broncos @ Jets Another Thursday night football game of complete losers. I don’t think the Jets are going to win a single football game this year. Broncos 17 Jets 10

Ravens @ Washington Lamar Jackson will definitely rebound this week. And by the transitive property, the Ravens beat the Browns and the Browns beat Washington. Therefore Ravens 34 Washington 20

Chargers @ Buccaneers Tom Brady looked more like Tom Brady last week, while the Chargers struggled. Chargers 20 Buccaneers 27

Seahawks @ Dolphins You really can’t bet against Russell Wilson with the way he’s been playing. The Seahawks should win this (key word: should). Seahawks 31 Dolphins 24

Vikings @ Texans Really happy for the Texans that they actually have a shot at winning this week Vikings 17 Texans 28

Saints @ Lions Both teams really need to get a win this week. I struggled to decide on this win, but I just trust Drew Brees more. Saints 31 Lions 27

Browns @ Cowboys Not sure what I will do with myself if the Browns go 3-1. I actually believe they have a legitimate shot at winning this game because the Cowboys are a bit of a headcase.

Jaguars @ Bengals I just want a win for Joe Burrow. Especially after his head looked like it was dislocated from his body on a hit in week 3. Jaguars 17 Bengals 20

Colts @ Bears I keep thinking the Bears are going to lose because they are the Bears… but for some reason the keep winning. Still not falling for it. Colts 24 Bears 21

Cardinals @ Panthers Kyler Murray struggled a little in Week 3 but three interceptions, but I certainly have more confidence in the Cardinals abilities at this point in the season. Cardinals 27 Panthers 21

Giants @ Rams The Rams have had a good start in a really tough NFC West. The Giants are still trash. Giants 10 Rams 31

Bills @ Raiders The Bills are so fun to watch. The Raiders are a great team, but let’s just keep riding the Bill’s wave. Bills 28 Raiders 24

Patriots @ Chiefs This is a game I’m really looking forward to this week. I learned my lesson last week and that is to never bet against Patrick Mahomes Patriots 27 Chiefs 34

Eagles @ 49ers The Eagles coming off of a tie, which is always mentally taxing, and the 49ers still have an injury-filled roster. Eagles 17 49ers 27

Falcons @ Packers I think this game might be closer than their records show, but the Packers are still the better team. Falcons 27 Packers 31

Steelers @ Titans Congrats to COVID for the big win on this one.

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