NFL Week 5 Predictions

11 wins for week 4, and I have to admit that I’m starting to get nervous about the future of this NFL season. The COVID positive tests on the Titans have continued to grow. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how/when these games get rescheduled if the positive tests continue. Nonetheless, here are my Week 5 predictions…

Buccaneers @ Bears I am still standing by the fact that the Bears are incredibly overrated. Buccaneers 21 Bears 14

Rams @ Washington The Washington Football Team just made the choice to bench Dwayne Haskins, so things aren’t looking great for them. Rams 27 Washington 14

Bills @ Titans The friggin Buffalo Bills! I am beyond happy for their success. Let’s keep it going. TBD on whether this game will be able to even happen this week. Bills 27 Titans 20

Eagles @ Steelers The Steelers are well rested after having to move the Titans game from last week. Eagles 14 Steelers 27

Cardinals @ Jets The Cardinals have struggled recently, but the Jets are flaming garbage. Cardinals 27 Jets 20

Raiders @ Chiefs I’ll say it again… don’t bet against Patrick Mahomes! Raiders 17 Chiefs 31

Jaguars @ Texans I am done giving the Texans so many chances to prove they are a legitimate team. They are slowly spiraling. Jaguars 27 Texans 24

Bengals @ Ravens Beyond happy for Joe Burrow that he was able to get his first NFL win. Unfortunately he has to face the Ravens this week. Bengals 17 Ravens 31

Panthers @ Falcons The Falcons have had a horrendous start to this season, although a lot of people are picking them to win this matchup. I am definitely not. Panthers 27 Falcons 24

Dolphins @ 49ers This is going to be a close one. Injuries continue to plague the 49ers. Dolphins 21 49ers 17

Giants @ Cowboys The New York teams continue to be pathetic. The Cowboys I’m sure are ready to rebound from their horrible showing against the Browns. Giants 21 Cowboys 31

Colts @ Browns The fact that the Cleveland Browns have a legitimate shot at going 4-1… Love this season so far. Colts 17 Browns 24

Broncos @ Patriots Interested to see if Cam Newton is cleared to play in this game, and that will be a huge difference-maker Even without Cam, I believe New England is still the better team. Broncos 17 Patriots 24

Vikings @ Seahawks The Seahawks have continued to look great with Russell Wilson as a great leader. Vikings 21 Seahawks 31

Chargers @ Saints The Saints have struggled in prime-time, but I still believe they are the better team in this matchup. Chargers 21 Saints 27

Another week! Let’s do it!

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