NFL Week 7 Predictions

8 games right for Week 6. I so badly want the Bears to be an absolute fraud, but they keep winning. The Eagles really hanging in there with the Ravens was also very unexpected. And my Browns… I’m not sure what I thought was going to happen there, but it wasn’t pretty. But hey, the Browns are still 4-2 and it’s a long season. Lots of football left to be played…

Giants @ Eagles Why do they keep picking such lame matchups for the TNF games. Giants 17 Eagles 20

Browns @ Bengals The second Browns/Bengals matchup of the season. Unfortunately Joey B still hasn’t been able to put together too many wins (only one to be specific). Browns 24 Bengals 14

Lions @ Falcons Definitely going to be the battle of the offenses as neither of these teams have had strong defensive performances this season. Lions 31 Falcons 27

Bills @ Jets The Jets are the only team left without a win. The Bills are coming off a loss to a good team, but should win this one soundly. Bills 27 Jets 10

Panthers @ Saints This is a tough one. The Saints have really struggled at moments this season. This will be a close one. Panthers 21 Saints 24

Cowboys @ Washington We’ve definitely learned how valuable Dak really is for the Cowboys. They will continue to struggle without him. Cowboys 27 Washington 28

Packers @ Texans The Packers really struggled against the Bucs but should bounce back this week. Packers 31 Texans 21

Steelers @ Titans The Titans look hot and I would love nothing more than to see the Steelers take the L this week. Steelers 24 Titans 31

Seahawks @ Cardinals The Seahawks are coming off some rest and have proven to be pretty unstoppable thus far. Seahawks 34 Cardinals 24

Chiefs @ Broncos Drew Lock is back and looking good, but I don’t think it will be enough for the Broncos. Chiefs 31 Broncos 21

Jaguars @ Chargers A very loser-ish game. Jaguars 14 Chargers 17

49ers @ Patriots Jimmy G really looked better than he has in awhile against the Rams last week, while the Patriots are struggling. 49ers 21 Patriots 17

Buccaneers @ Raiders The Bucs just had a massive win against the Packers. They should ride that momentum into Week 7. Buccaneers 28 Raiders 24

Bears @ Rams As I mentioned, I still want to believe that the Bears are a total fraud. Bears 21 Rams 24

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