NFL Week 8 Predictions

Wowza! 11 games right in Week 7. Obviously the Browns game was immensely exciting for me. The Browns are 5-2 and Baker put together a beautiful drive in the final minute of the game. I cannot ask for much more in this life. I cannot believe it is already Week 8, but here we go!

Falcons @ Panthers The Falcons have really become the joke of the league. They just cannot seem to get it together. Falcons 10 Panthers 21

Titans @ Bengals Poor poor Bengals. Titans 31 Bengals 17

Raiders @ Browns I’m a little nervous about this one but hoping the Browns can ride the high of last week. Raiders 17 Browns 24

Rams @ Dolphins I really like the Rams this season. They are in a tough division, so it will be interesting to see how that plays out. Rams 24 Dolphins 14

Steelers @ Ravens This will be a very telling game for the AFC North, but the Ravens have shown more holes in their game thus far. Steelers 31 Ravens 21

Vikings @ Packers The Packers should feel encouraged about their season thus far. I feel pretty good about this one. Vikings 14 Packers 31

Colts @ Lions I actually think this game could go either way, but I have more confidence in the Colts to pull it off. Colts 21 Lions 17

Patriots @ Bills The Patriots continue to get worse. It kind of feels like they might tank for draft picks if things don’t pick up soon. Patriots 14 Bills 24

Jets @ Chiefs I don’t really think an explanation needs to be given for this one Jets 10 Chiefs 31

Chargers @ Broncos A classic matchup of two 2-4 teams. Love to see it. Chargers 24 Broncos 21

49ers @ Seahawks The Seahawks are coming off their first loss, but I still have confidence they can win this one. 49ers 21 Seahawks 27

Saints @ Bears This is going to be an important matchup for both teams. I really do feel like the Bears will continue to be exposed after last week’s loss. Saints 24 Bears 21

Cowboys @ Eagles I just feel like this game is going to be a mess, but the Cowboys are definitely imploding. Cowboys 14 Eagles 21

Buccaneers @ Giants The Buccaneers currently lead the NFC South. I’m starting to think this Tom Brady guy is onto something… Buccaneers 27 Giants 14

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