NFL Week 10 Predictions (sorry for missing week 9)

With the craziness of the election last week, I completely slacked on putting out my Week 9 predictions. With the Presidential election behind us, I am back with some Week 10 predictions. The Browns didn’t play in week 9 either, so it’s really not my fault.

Colts @ Titans This game could actually be interesting, but I believe the Titans will prevail Colts 20 Titans 24

Eagles @ Giants Wow what a thrilling matchup! Eagles 24 Giants 17

Jaguars @ Packers I think the big question is, how much damage will Aaron Rodgers do int his game. Jaguars 10 Packers 31

Washington @ Lions Washington is coming off a loss to the Giants, and they have no really been able to put together many complete games. Washington 14 Lions 17

Texans @ Browns This is a crucial game for the Browns that will really make or break the future of their season. Texans 21 Browns 24

Buccaneers @ Panthers After the Bucs showing last week, I’m really not sure how they are going to recover. I think that game will stick with them mentally for quite awhile. This may be a shocking pick, but I am actually taking the Panthers on this one. Buccaneers 21 Panthers 24

Chargers @ Dolphins I think the Dolphins seem to be a on a better trajectory right now with more positivity surrounding their organization. Chargers 20 Dolphins 24

Broncos @ Raiders The Raiders have had some major bright spots in their season and are coming off a win. The Broncos on the other hand are coming off a loss and have not had as many bright spots in their season. Broncos 17 Raiders 27

Bills @ Cardinals This game will be a battle of the offenses, and I think this game will be incredibly difficult. Josh Allen is coming off a great game, but their defense will need to show up. Bills 34 Cardinals 31

49ers @ Saints The 49ers continue to crumble, and the Saints just absolutely destroyed Tom Brady and the Buccaneers last week. 49ers 17 Saints 27

Seahawks @ Rams This game is going to be a battle, but I actually think the Rams will pull through after coming off of a bye week. Seahawks 27 Rams 31

Bengals @ Steelers The Steelers were quite close to receiving their first loss last week but managed to pull through. The Bengals just don’t have enough talent to go up against this team. Bengals 14 Steelers 27

Ravens @ Patriots The Ravens and Lamar Jackson have struggled a bit more this season, but I don’t trust the Patriots offense to get things done. Ravens 21 Patriots 14

Vikings @ Bears This should be a close one. We love a division matchup for Monday night football!!! Vikings 21 Bears 24

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