NFL Predictions Week 11

8 correct picks for Week 10, but what really matters is that the Cleveland Browns are 6-3 along with a healthy list of other teams. It was another rough weather day in Cleveland, Ohio, but a win is a win. Not every game is going to be perfect, but getting the W with 60 mph wins is all that matters. On to Week 11…

Cardinals @ Seahawks This might be the most exciting Thursday night game we have had to date this season. I feel like the Cardinals are riding a high after their game winning touchdown last week (s/o to my fantasy QB Kyler). Cardinals 31 Seahawks 27

Bengals @ Washington This is one of the more promising matchups for the Bengals. Bengals 17 Washington 14

Falcons @ Saints It’s hard to know what this matchup is going to look like as both of these teams have had a lot of ups and downs this season. Falcons 24 Saints 27

Steelers @ Jaguars I hate that the Steelers are the best team in football right now… Steelers 31 Jaguars 21

Patriots @ Texans The Texans have just really struggled this year, and the Patriots feel like they are on a positive streak. Patriots 21 Texans 14

Eagles @ Browns For the credibility of the Cleveland Browns, this is a must win. Eagles 20 Browns 24

Lions @ Panthers Teddy is unlikely to play this weekend, which really hurts the Panthers chances. Lions 24 Panthers 21

Titans @ Ravens The Ravens and Titans are both coming off tough losses after strong starts to their seasons. I think both teams are beginning to be exposed for their weaknesses. Titans 23 Ravens 27

Jets @ Chargers If the Jets are going to win, this might be one of their chances, although I still think that is highly unlikely. Jets 17 Chargers 24

Dolphins @ Broncos The Dolphins have had some promising performances with Too leading the team. Dolphins 27 Broncos 20

Cowboys @ Vikings The Vikings had a quality win over the Bears last week and have proven to be a decent team. Cowboys 20 Vikings 24

Packers @ Colts Momentum is huge at this point in the season, and I just see the Colts having a little more momentum after their win over the Titans. Packers 24 Colts 28

Chiefs @ Raiders The Raiders won this matchup back in Week 5, so I see the Chiefs taking this matchup much more seriously this time. Chiefs 27 Raiders 24

Rams @ Buccaneers What Buccaneers team is going to show up this game?? Buccaneers 24 Rams 21

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