NFL Predictions Week 13

Soooo it really feels like this season is close to imploding. Who would’ve thought that we would have a Wednesday afternoon football game? I guess anything is possible in 2020. I am just hoping we get through the season without any major issues and that the Browns make the playoffs. If those 2 things can happen, I will be a happy gal. Let’s get into Week 13 starting off with the Sunday games since there is no Thursday football this week…

Saints @ Falcons The Saints are still sitting a 9-2 even with Drew Brees’ injury. Saints 27 Falcons 17

Bengals @ Dolphins Although the Dolphins have had a lot of confusion at Quarterback this season, they should win this game soundly. Bengals 10 Dolphins 21

Jaguars @ Vikings The Jaguars actually might be the best 1-10 team ever, but I don’t see them pulling this out. Jaguars 20 Vikings 24

Raiders @ Jets I really don’t have words to speak about the Jets Raiders 28 Jets 10

Colts @ Texans The Colts are coming off a tough loss to the Titans, but still sit at 7-4. Colts 24 Texans 17

Browns @ Titans If the Browns are able to pull out this win against the Titans, that will really give their record some more legitimacy. This one will be interesting. Browns 24 Titans 21

Lions @ Bears The Bears and Lions both continue to implode with the Lions coming off a loss to the Texans and the Bears coming off a loss to the Packers. I think this one will be close. Lions 21 Bears 24

Rams @ Cardinals The Cardinals haven’t quite lived up to how they started the season off and are coming off a loss to a very average Patriots roster. Because of that, I’m taking the Rams. Rams 27 Cardinals 21

Giants @ Seahawks Will an NFC East team be over .500 by the end of the season? Who knows. I can’t imagine this is the game for the Giants to get closer to that. Giants 17 Seahawks 27

Patriots @ Chargers The Patriots have not really had an identity this year, but their season is not completely ruined yet. I think this game means more to the Patriots than it does to the Chargers. Patriots 24 Chargers 20

Eagles @ Packers I finally made the choice to switch and start Aaron Rodgers over Kyler Murray on my fantasy team this week. He better show up. Eagles 14 Packers 30

Broncos @ Chiefs It was fascinating watching the Broncos play without a quarterback last week. What a weird year. Broncos 14 Chiefs 31

Washington @ Steelers The Steelers might be the worst undefeated team ever, but I don’t see that changing after this matchup. Washington 14 Steelers 27

Cowboys @ Ravens I am fairly confident the Ravens will win this, but both teams are wildly inconsistent. Some part of me feels like the Cowboys could show up this game. Cowboys 21 Ravens 30

Bills @ 49ers With the 49ers not being able to play games in their home stadium, it looks like they will be playing in Arizona. Not sure how much that affects the outcome of their games, but I’m taking the Bills. Bills 24 49ers 17

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