NFL Week 17 Predictions

Here we are. The final week of the NFL season. Time has flown by this season, but I am truly grateful to have had the Browns this year. Its been a really hard year, and finding joy in that team really helped me in so many ways. Losing to the Jets might’ve set me back a little, but I am hoping they can get it done against the Steelers here in Week 17. This is a tough week to make predictions because some teams start to sit players going into the off-season, but let’s get into it anyways…

Falcons @ Buccaneers The Buccaneers have been looking pretty damn good recently. Looking forward to what they will do in the post-season Falcons 20 Buccaneers 31

Cowboys @ Giants I really just wing it when picking NFC East games. You really don’t know who is going to show up. Cowboys 24 Giants 17

Jets @ Patriots The Jets riding on a 2 game win streak… who would’ve thought? They could make this one interesting Jets 20 Patriots 17

Vikings @ Lions A game that nobody cares about. Nice! Vikings 20 Lions 17

Steelers @ Browns This is it. The chance for the Browns to make the playoffs. With Covid running rampant through the organization, I really hope they can pull this one off. Steelers 20 Browns 24

Ravens @ Bengals The Ravens could be a sneaky good team going into the postseason. I wouldn’t count them out. Ravens 31 Bengals 14

Dolphins @ Bills Fitzmagic won’t be able to step in when the going gets tough this week because he is on the covid list. The Bills will probably be benching a lot of starters so I’m still going with the Dolphins. Dolphins 30 Bills 27

Seahawks @ 49ers I don’t trust that the Seahawks will hold up in the offseason, but I do see them winning this game. Seahawks 28 49ers 17

Cardinals @ Rams The Cardinals aren’t the team everyone thought they would be this year, but I am still taking them in this matchup. Cardinals 27 Rams 21

Jaguars @ Colts The Colts obviously need to win this game and the Jaguars don’t really care what happens. Jaguars 17 Colts 31

Titans @ Texans The Titans have been rolling in the last few weeks and will play hard in this game to keep their playoff hopes alive. Titans 31 Texans 17

Raiders @ Broncos Another matchup that nobody cares about! Nice! Raiders 27 Broncos 21

Chargers @ Chiefs Patty Mahomes all day Chargers 14 Chiefs 27

Packers @ Bears I love that the Bears need to win this game, therefore, they will lose this game. Packers 27 Bears 24

Saints @ Panthers The Saints are one of the best teams going into the post-season. They are another team I will be very interested to watch. Saints 28 Panthers 20

Washington @ Eagles Lol at the fact that this is the SNF game. I’m going with the Haskins-less football team. Washington 20 Eagle 17

Thanks for following along in this crazy year!!

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