NFL Week 2 Predictions- 2021

As it goes every season, we have to expect the unexpected. Week 1 certainly did not go as planned for many teams, but that’s part of why we love football so much. Anything can happen when you get out on the field. I am still riding the emotional wave from the Browns/Chiefs game. It was tough to not get that win, but I am still confident that this team is the real deal. There are 16 more games in the season, and it is far from over…

Giants @ Washington A slight less exciting TNF game this week than last week. Ryan Fitzpatrick went down in week 1, but I still think they are the better team in this matchup. Washington 24 Giants 14

Patriots @ Jets I love each opportunity that we get to watch a rookie QB matchup. The Patriots came out strong in week 1 even with the loss to the Dolphins. I’m taking the Pats. Patriots 28 Jets 17

Broncos @ Jaguars Urban Meyer is going to be the coach at USC. Broncos 24 Jaguars 18

Bills @ Dolphins The Bills are going to have to come out better than they did in week 1 if they want to win this game. I expect them to bounce back. Bills 28 Dolphins 27

49ers @ Eagles There is a lot of excitement around how the Eagles played in week 1, but I don’t trust it yet. 49ers 31 Eagles 21

Rams @ Colts Matt Stafford seems to have found his home throwing for 321 yards and 3 TDs in week 1. I’m rolling with the Rams. Rams 30 Colts 20

Raiders @ Steelers I simply just don’t want the Steelers to go 2-0. For that reason, and that reason only, I’m taking the Raiders. Raiders 24 Steelers 21

Bengals @ Bears I don’t totally trust what I feel about either of these teams yet. Chicago seems to be using both QBs, while the Bengals won in overtime against the Vikings last week. I’m not sure how to feel about either of those things. Bengals 27 Bears 24

Texans @ Browns The Browns are taking on their old QB Tyrod Taylor this week. I expect the team to come out aggressive after falling to the Chiefs in a close game. Browns 34 Texans 21

Saints @ Panthers It is officially Jameis Winston szn. The Saints didn’t look like they lost too much with Drew Brees’ retirement. Saints 28 Panthers 20

Vikings @ Cardinals The Cardinals and Kyler Murray were absolutely electric in Week 1. I seriously underestimated them and the offensive firepower that they have. Cardinals 31 Vikings 17

Falcons @ Buccaneers Tom Brady looks like he’s 25 years old again. Falcons 20 Buccaneers 34

Titans @ Seahawks The Titans are overrated. Seahawks 30 Titans 24

Cowboys @ Chargers After watching how good Dak looked in week 1, I’m taking the Cowboys in this game. I don’t think that’s a popular choice because the Chargers are going to be a very good team this year, but I’m riding with Dak on this one. Cowboys 28 Chargers 24

Chiefs @ Ravens The Ravens continue to be plagued by injury, while Patrick Mahomes is throwing 75 yard bombs. Chiefs 34 Ravens 24

Lions @ Packers I don’t think anyone expected the Packers to look that bad last week. This is probably one of the easiest matchups for them to bounce back with. They better make it happen. Lions 17 Packers 24

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