NFL Week 3 Predictions- 2021

Panthers @ Texans I think expectations were low for both of these teams coming into the season, but they have both shown to be a little better than we thought. With the injury of Tyrod, I have to go with the Panthers on this one. Panthers 24 Texans 17

Colts @ Titans Derrick Henry turned it around for the Titans last week after a mediocre week 1. The Colts are pretty banged up, so I’m going Titans. Titans 27 Colts 17

Falcons @ Giants This is going to be an ugly one. Giants 21 Falcons 17

Chargers @ Chiefs This is one of the games I’m looking out for this week. Both teams are coming off a loss. Even with the Chiefs defense struggling against the Ravens, I just think Mahomes is too good. Chargers 24 Chiefs 31

Bengals @ Steelers The Steelers defense is going to give Joe Burrow and that Bengals offensive line some trouble. Bengals 14 Steelers 27

Bears @ Browns Justin Fields is getting his first start this weekend against the Browns. I love you Justin, but I hope Myles Garrett gives you a warm welcome to the league. Browns 27 Bears 13

Ravens @ Lions The Ravens are coming off of a massive win. Although they are still pretty banged up, I expect them to win this game. Ravens 31 Lions 20

Saints @ Patriots I am deeply confused about who the Saints are with the drastic difference between their week 1 and week 2 performance. I trust what I’ve seen from the Patriots more thus far. Saints 17 Patriots 21

Cardinals @ Jaguars Kyler. Murray. Cardinals 34 Jaguars 17

Washington @ Bills The Bills seemed to rebound last week after a tough loss to the Steelers. This defense will be another big test for Josh Allen, and I think this game will be closer than we expect. Washington 23 Bills 24

Jets @ Broncos Poor poor Jets fans. Jets 14 Broncos 27

Dolphins @ Raiders With Tua hurt, the Dolphins are going to struggle. The Raiders have come out really strong these first few weeks as well. Dolphins 13 Raiders 28

Seahawks @ Vikings I don’t really know what to expect from this matchup. Again, these are 2 teams that I am still trying to figure out. Seahawks 31 Vikings 28

Buccaneers @ Rams This is without a doubt, the game of the week. 2 incredible defenses. 2 offenses that can really be explosive. This will be a good one. Buccaneers 34 Rams 30

Packers @ 49ers Green Bay bounced back last week as expected, but the 49ers will be a tougher matchup for them than the Lions. I think the 49ers will keep it close, but I’m taking the Packers. Packers 28 49ers 26

Eagles @ Cowboys I like what I’ve seen from the Cowboys so far. Eagles 18 Cowboys 26

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