NFL Week 8 Predictions-2021

Packers @ Cardinals It’s hard to say what is going to happen in this game with all the injuries and players out with Covid. I’m going with my gut on this one. Packers 28 Cardinals 24

Bengals @ Jets I really want the Bengals to lose, but I have been forced to admit that they are a really legit team. Bengals 30 Jets 17

Titans @ Colts The Titans have beat some amazing teams while also losing to the Jets, but I feel like they’ve started to find their way. Titans 27 Colts 21

Rams @ Texans This is the part of the season where the mismatches become more glaringly obvious. Rams 34 Texans 18

Steelers @ Browns Please god let the Browns win this game. Steelers 17 Browns 28

Eagles @ Lions I want the Lions to get a win!!! Please let it happen!!! Eagles 20 Lions 24

49ers @ Bears Both teams really need a win in this game. 49ers 21 Bears 14

Panthers @ Falcons The Panthers downfall continues, but this could be a potential opportunity for them to bounce back. I’m taking it. Panthers 20 Falcons 17

Dolphins @ Bills The Deshaun Watson to Miami rumors continue, but that’s not going to affect all the issues they have right now. The Bills are coming off a bye and a last second loss to the Titans the week before. They will bounce back. Dolphins 14 Bills 28

Patriots @ Chargers This might end up being an interesting matchup. The Chargers are rested and coming off of a bye, so I feel like they are going to come out ready after getting blown out by the Ravens 2 weeks ago. Patriots 20 Chargers 30

Jaguars @ Seahawks This game interests me 0%. Sorry not sorry. Jaguars 17 Seahawks 21

Washington @ Broncos After starting off 3-0, the Broncos have lost 4 straight. I trust this Washington team slightly more. Washington 28 Broncos 21

Buccaneers @ Saints The Bucs continue to dominate literally everyone. Buccaneers 31 Saints 17

Cowboys @ Vikings I can’t believe I thought the Cowboys were frauds before the season. I was so wrong. Cowboys 28 Vikings 17

Giants @ Chiefs If the Chiefs don’t win this game, then I don’t know anything about football. Giants 14 Chiefs 24

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