NFL Predictions Week 14

WOW. What a week of football. Anything can happen in 2020, man. The Cleveland Browns looked incredible against the Titans, The Giants beat the Seahawks, and the Steelers lost to the Washington Football Team. What a time in the NFL. And we still have a few weeks left. Let’s get into Week 14…

Patriots @ Rams The Patriots just beat another LA team 45-0, while the Rams just pulled out a win against Arizona. I don’t know how I feel about this matchup, but I have to go with the Rams. Patriots 21 Rams 28

Vikings @ Buccaneers The Buccaneers have been a strange team this year, but I trust Tom Brady to make things happen when he needs to. Vikings 17 Buccaneers 24

Cardinals @ Giants This game is going to be interesting because the Giants are really peaking at the right time, where the Cardinals have been more all over the place. Based on the week this game is happening, I am actually going with the Giants…Cardinals 24 Giants 27

Chiefs @ Dolphins The Chiefs have shown some signs of weakness, but I still believe they are the best team in the NFL right now. Chiefs 30 Dolphins 20

Titans @ Jaguars The Titans are obviously coming off of a loss to the Browns and are probably hungry to get another win this weak against a struggling Jaguars team. Titans 31 Jaguars 14

Cowboys @ Bengals The Bengals have not been able to get it together since losing Joe Burrow. Not that the Cowboys are much better… Cowboys 27 Bengals 21

Texans @ Bears The Bears really have imploded after a fantastic start to the season. I really do understand their pain. On the other hand, the Texans have improved some since their tough start. Texans 23 Bears 21

Broncos @ Panthers Drew Lock looked pretty decent against the Chiefs after coming back when the Broncos had to play without a quarterback. I am more confident in the way they are playing after that matchup. Broncos 21 Panthers 17

Jets @ Seahawks The Jets continue to find new and creative ways to lose. Even though the Seahawks are coming off a loss to the Giants, they should win this one easily. Jets 14 Seahawks 28

Colts @ Raiders I really don’t trust the Raiders after the way they played the Jets. It is definitely concerning going into a much tougher matchup. Colts 30 Raiders 27

Washington @ 49ers A classic matchup of two 5-7 teams. The Washington Football Team is coming off of an unexpected win. Between the momentum from that win and the way Alex Smith played, I’m going to go with Washington. Washington 24 49ers 21

Saints @ Eagles This one is a no brainer for me. The Saints’ defense has become one of the better ones in the league, and I don’t think the Eagles will be able to get anything going against them. Saints 27 Eagles 17

Falcons @ Chargers The Chargers just got brutally murdered by the Patriots. I gotta go with the Falcons on this one. Falcons 24 Chargers 14

Packers @ Lions I am pretty confident in the way Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay have been playing and believe they should be able to handle the Lions pretty easily. Packers 31 Lions 17

Steelers @ Bills This is one of the games to watch this week. With the Steelers coming off of a big loss to Washington and the Bills playing well, I am actually picking the Bills for this one. I may have felt differently a few weeks ago, but things change quickly in this league. Steelers 27 Bills 31

Ravens @ Browns This matchup should be interesting, and most people are expecting it to be a better game than their week 1 matchup. I think the Browns are on a roll right now, and I just have to pick the Browns in a close win. Ravens 27 Browns 28

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