NFL Week 1 Predictions- 2021

WE MADE IT!!! FOOTBALL IS BACK!! It feels like just yesterday that we watched Tom Brady throw the Lombardi trophy over the water during the Tampa Bay boat parade. I am so incredibly happy to have football back in our lives again. I have anxiously watched my Cleveland Browns improve their roster this offseason and am looking forward to seeing those moves in action on the field. Football being back also means that my weekly predictions are back. So here it is… my game by game predictions for week 1 in the 2021 NFL season (that felt good to write).

Cowboys @ Buccaneers Tom Brady and co. are back and ready for more. With so much uncertainty surrounding the Cowboys, I expect the Bucs to take care of business. Buccaneers 31 Cowboys 21

Jaguars @ Texans This is one of the less exciting matchups in week 1, but it will be interesting to watch Trevor Lawrence in his first NFL regular season game. Jaguars 21 Texans 17

Chargers @ Washington Justin Herbert returns this season after winning Offensive Rookie of the Year. Will he hit his sophomore slump? I’m not so sure. I’m taking the Chargers. Chargers 27 Washington 24

Seahawks @ Colts The Colts have been one of the most discombobulated teams in the last few weeks with Covid and injuries. I’m taking the Seahawks. Seahawks 31 Colts 21

Jets @ Panthers What a thrilling matchup (sarcasm). Jets 14 Panthers 24

Vikings @ Bengals Joe Burrow returns in his first regular season game since his injury. There have been mixed reports coming out of the Bengals camp, and I am still not convinced that they have addressed their concerns on the Offensive Line. I’m taking the Vikings. Vikings 28 Bengals 20

Cardinals @ Titans This should be an offensive shootout and will excite a lot of fantasy football owners out there. I’m taking the Titans, but I believe it will be a close one. Cardinals 30 Titans 31

49ers @ Lions The 49ers have officially named Jimmy G as their starting QB. Regardless of who was going to start in this game, I think we can all agree that the Lions are the underdog. 49ers 31 Lions 14

Steelers @ Bills I am concerned that we have down-played the Steelers too much this offseason, but they certainly don’t have an easy matchup here in a week 1. A great Bills offense against a great Steelers defense should make for a fun game. Steelers 24 Bills 28

Eagles @ Falcons This game will highlight 2 first-year coaches. While I am excited about the Falcons addition of Kyle Pitts, I am taking the Eagles in this matchup. Eagles 28 Falcons 20

Browns @ Chiefs I cannot explain my excitement/nerves for this game. I know that Patrick Mahomes has not thrown an INT or lost a game in the month of September, but nothing lasts forever. Go Browns. Browns 31 Chiefs 28

Packers @ Saints Coming off an MVP season and a tumultuous offseason, I don’t see Aaron Rodgers slowing down anytime soon. The Saints have a new starting QB with Winston Taking over for Brees, so I am not sure how to feel about them yet. Packers 31 Saints 21

Broncos @ Giants A large part of me believes that the Giants will be looking to draft a new QB soon… Broncos 24 Giants 21

Dolphins @ Patriots I will be deeply hurt of the Patriots only have 1 off year before building a new dynasty around Mac Jones. I’m not ready to believe that yet. Dolphins 24 Patriots 21

Bears @ Rams I have to imagine the cries to start Justin Fields will be loud after Andy Dalton has to deal with the wrath of Aaron Donald in this matchup. The Rams are just the better team especially after adding Stafford this offseason. Bears 14 Rams 31

Ravens @ Raiders Monday Night Football!!! The Ravens will be missing JK Dobbins this season which is a massive loss. Even with that loss, I expect the Ravens to be competing for the division title this season. Ravens 27 Raiders 21

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