NFL Week 7 Predictions- 2021

Broncos @ Browns I’m not sure if the Browns will have enough active players, but I’m still riding with my boys. Broncos 17 Browns 20

Panthers @ Giants As a Browns fan with a very injured squad, I feel for the Giants and all of their injuries. Panthers 21 Giants 17

Jets @ Patriots The Jets already lost to the Patriots this season, and I expect a similar result this time. Jets 14 Patriots 21

Chiefs @ Titans I am VERY curious about this game. I don’t trust either of these teams fully right now. Chiefs 28 Titans 27

Washington @ Packers Aaron Rodgers continuing to do Aaron Rodgers things. Washington 20 Packers 27

Falcons @ Dolphins The Dolphins are coming off a loss in London, and I actually don’t see them bouncing back this week. Falcons 21 Dolphins 17

Bengals @ Ravens I am excited about this game because 1 AFC North team has to lose. Bengals 24 Ravens 31

Lions @ Rams Poor poor Dan Campbell. He just can’t catch a break. Lions 14 Rams 30

Eagles @ Raiders This feels like the chaotic game of the week. Eagles 27 Raiders 21

Texans @ Cardinals I will be picking the Cardinals until they actually start losing Texans 14 Cardinals 31

Bears @ Buccaneers The Bucs actually lost to the Bears last season. I don’t expect that to happen again. Bears 17 Buccaneers 28

Colts @ 49ers These are 2 teams that confuse me. The 49ers are coming off a bye and should be fresh and ready for this game. Colts 20 49ers 27

Saints @ Seahawks The Seahawks are still without Russell Wilson. If Winston can protect the ball for the Saints, I expect them to win this game. Saints 24 Seahawks 17

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